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Five Activewear Looks That Will Make you Want to Work Out

Today Jennifer (A Well Styled Life) and I have invited our friend Rhoda (Southern Hospitality) to join us for our over 50 Fashion Edit. This month we are talking about Athleisure, Workout Wear, or Work Wear during Covid (let’s be honest). I spend a lot of time at my computer, so I am trying to be more fit. In order to keep a healthy body and mind, we need to achieve a balance of eating healthy foods and staying as active as we can. Active can mean a daily walk around the block or serious workouts at the gym. At this stage in our lives, we need to listen to our bodies and try to keep as fit as we can at whatever level we are comfortable with. Let’s face it we feel better when our muscles are strong and flexible. Lets talk about Six Activewear Looks That Will Make you Want to Work Out.


Workout clothes don’t have to be the latest and the greatest or expensive., At our age, comfort is key. Workout clothes need to be made of stretch moisture-wicking fabrics. I take good care of my “workout” clothes and they last. I wash them on a cool water cycle in the washing machine and hang them out to dry naturally. You might find it helpful to create a capsule workout wardrobe where you can mix and match your items. Most of my things are black and gray but since I wear them 99% of the time I have begun to branch out to make myself feel a bit more fashionable rather than one step up from pj’s. If we look good we usually feel good, right?


Over the years, I have purchased many of my workout clothes at Target and they have worn almost as well as the more expensive brands. I love this combo I found at Target. The pants and the sweatshirt come in multiple colors and they are $20 each. You can’t go wrong. The sweatshirt also comes in a hooded version, I have linked it as well. I just purchased these Adidas sneaks and I love them! You can find the Blue Marlin hat on Amazon here.

over 50 fashion blogger Cindy Hatttersley in Target Activewear


Chicos gifted me this comfy activewear outfit. The hooded tunic is a comfy velour and the leggings have a velour stripe down the side which coordinates with the tunic. This outfit could be dressed up with a pair of leopard birdies and take you out to dinner as well.

Over 50 Fashion blogger Cindy Hattersley in Chicos black activewear

Chico’s also gifted me this great reversible vest. It is a python print on one side and silver on the other. I love the length and the fit. It covers the bum and is very flattering. These pieces are from Chicos Zenergy Line. They have a lot of pieces on sale for really great prices here.


You ladies have been telling me forever how much you love the Zella leggings. I purchased this Zella sweatshirt and leggings when they were having their sale. I love both pieces. The sweatshirt could be worn with multiple other combinations. I don’t normally wear patterns on my bottom half, but I am trying to be more adventurous. Black leggings get pretty boring when you wear them nearly every day.

Cindy Hattersley Wearing Zella Activewear


These Banana Republic koral leggings are on sale thankfully. They are one of the best pairs I own. I am wearing them with an old gap fit turtleneck (no longer available) and the great J Jill Activewear Performance Hoodie. I just picked up this hoodie for Spring. I think you will really like it (covers the bum and has a bit of shape so it is flattering). It also has two slant pockets to stash your phone and keys. It is lightweight so will be great for chilly Spring and Summer walks that end up getting warm before you finish.

Over 50 Fashion Blogger Cindy Hattersley in J Jill Performance Zip Hoodie and BR  Koral High Rise Legging


I Am a big fan of Athleta. Everything they offer is of good quality. They don’t put many items on sale often, but these leggings are on sale, as well as some colors of the sweatshirt. I own the Coaster Luxe sweatshirt in several colors. I have worn them to death. They are lightweight and soft. In the winter I wear something under them. In Spring and Summer, they are great for chilly mornings.

over 50 fashion blogger cindy hattersley wearing Athleta leggings and sweatshirt


Sorry, this picture is not very good but I wanted to share this Gap Sweatshirt. I featured the Gap sweatshirt in my outfit of the week here. I literally own it in every color it comes in. It washes beautifully, is “super cozy ” as Summer would say, and does not shrink. It is now 50% off plus an extra 10%. Even at the regular price, they are worth every penny.

over 50 fashion blogger cindy hattersley wearing gap sweatshirt and target leggings


If you don’t want your bum showing (I don’t) Athleta has an entire section of CYA (cover your assets) tops here.

My favorite tee is/was the Gap Fit Breathe tee. They turned it into a boatneck which is not my favorite, but I haven’t found a better tee so maybe I just need to get over it. I buy it in a tall and it is a little longer. I am very long-waisted FYI.


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Thank you so much for reading Five Activewear Looks That Will Make you Want to Work Out. Tomorrow I will be back with my pal Mary Ann (she is subbing for Elizabeth (the Vintage Contessa) for Ageless Style. Elizabeth will be back next month.

Now pop over and visit Jennifer and Rhoda for their Activewear/Workwear/Lazywear looks!



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  1. Laura Rutledge says

    Cindy, you have hit it out of the park, so to speak with this post, this is the fifth time I’ve come back to it to see more, everything you recommended was fabulous, from reasonably priced, to great looking and even luxe! Thanks so much for inspiring us to look good and get out there and do it!! LOL!

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Laura

      Thank you so much. Since I spend most of my time at my computer these days except for walks. I had to step up my game!

  2. Nancy says

    Hi Cindy,
    Reading this a day late, so I don’t know how you receive your comments or if you’ll see this, but I wanted to know how tall you are. You have probably said that somewhere…but I am interested in that great silver vest from Chico’s which looks terrific on you, but I’m afraid at 5’2″ it would be too long for me. I do see that it’s 30″ long, which is long for my body, but I wanted to compare with your height. Thanks Cindy…

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Nancy

      I am 5’4 hope that helps. I think it would be fine. I wouldn’t have minded if it were a little longer. Hope that helps!!

  3. Karen says

    This is an Awesome post and such an Inspiration, for me. I have got to put some color
    or start wearing it
    Black and Gray, Enough

    Love Love all the Pics

  4. Karen B. says

    This is great. Since I’ve turned 70+ a dear friend and I have walked a vigorous walk every day. It’s 4+ miles and we are amazed at how much benefit we seem to gain from each day. We’re launching into our third year, and I believe it’s one of the best forms of simple exercise. I need to work out for my upper body strength but for now, we are faithful walkers.
    I love some of the workout clothes you are sharing. Honestly, I’m wearing workout gear every day even if I change for a ladies’ lunch or some other event later in the day. Thanks for helping us shop.

  5. Sue says

    Great informative post, Cindy. I will definitely be checking out Target. In regards to hats, have you checked out the Wallaroo Hat Company in Colorado. They make lovely hats, many lightweight and some sun blockers.

  6. Wren says

    Cute looks, Cindy! I like the lines at Target also. Wish they still carried the C9 line (Champion, 9 for Title Nine). I still have a few leggings that are a decade old and wear like iron. Like you, I hang to dry which I think preserves the spandex. The All in Motion line from Target is also a winner but I’ve found that the sizes aren’t always reliable. One pair of M might seem more like a L.
    Good luck with staying motivated. Let’s go for hikes together when you’re closer!

  7. Gray says

    I love all these looks – you look great in each one. I have some of those pieces too – I agree with the CYA tops – they are great and I am always wanting to cover that whole situation – FRONT AND BACK.
    But nothin is gonna make me want to work out…🥴

    • AJ says

      This was a fun post – thank you. I love Zella & Athleta and stock up when they go on sale. I agree with you and others – all the pants should come with pockets. Zella is getting much better with adding pockets. My preferred shoes are Brooks and Adidas; again, I buy when on sale and keep 3-4 pair in rotation.
      I love that every age, gender and size are now wearing workout clothes even when we aren’t working out! The old “norms” about what you should wear at a certain age are fortunately gone! I love it when my granddaughters (teens and young 20’s) notice and complement me in my workout gear.

      • Cindy Hattersley says

        Hi AJ

        I wish Athleta had more sales (I guess they don’t need to) I love so many of their styles. I agree about the shoes. I used to just buy a pair and wait until they had holes…rotation is key…I love New Balance too because they come in wide (the dreaded bunnion) but found the adidas to be very accommodating. Thank god for mesh sneakers! Hooray to your grand for knowing they have a stylish grandma!!

  8. Mary from Life at Bella terra says

    Cindy, I love Target activewear. The pants wear and wash well AND they have pockets on both sides to hold your cell phone. Since I track my steps when I walk, it is very handy not to have to hold your phone. I also love the reversible vests from Chico’s. They are perfect for traveling, especially since I seem to freeze on the airplane. Am going for a walk now! Inspired by you.

  9. Elizabeth@pineconesandacorns says

    Cindy, I love all of your athletic wear! I love yogalicious and The Girls, for pants! As for t-shirts, I like cotton. For walking, running, etc I am always looking for shoes! IF you walk a lot did you know that you are supposed to replace your shoes every three months? I do not replace them that often but I do have 4 pairs in rotation. If you have a Fitbit and want a walking partner I am your girl! I love walking! I also have a Peleton if you are on there. Thanks for sharing your finds.

  10. LBell says

    I loved this post! I’m in the market for some new running tights.
    There is an online summit titled Radically, Reframing Aging beginning in February. You would be great on this panel!

  11. holly says

    Simply awesome post. I too am getting tired of my “black on the bottom” leggings and ordered some navy/black from adidas (full disclosure-I work in their golf division. I am fortunate that I can wear these to the office as well.) I so appreciate the fitness links. I have never been a gym person, even pre-pandemic, so the exercises on the Healthline link are a perfect add to my morning Yoga routine and though out the day. Getting the mindset of “better use it or you really will lose it!”
    I learn something new from you with each post and am so glad that you take the time to share it all.

  12. beth byrd says

    I have been really pleased with my workout wear from Target. It holds up and feels like more expensive brands. Nothing like fun and fashionable workout clothing to get me motivated!

  13. Laura says

    Thanks for some good options. I’m glad you featured one pair of leggings (Banana Republic) with pockets. I work out at the gym and pockets are a must, for phone, keys, earbuds, etc. Good color choices here!

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Laura

      I know why don’t they make every single pair with a pocket? I do not get it. I forget sometimes and order a paif I like only to realize I forgot to check for the pocket.

  14. Valla says

    You look fabulous in the first picture- well of course all of them, but I can see your eyes and they are open! Lol! I’m referring to your eye makeup which looks so great!
    Great post!

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Valla

      Yes I did full on eye makeup ala Sandra! I guess I was just too lazy before. It definitely makes a difference, but in full sunlight I still look like I have my eyes closed! Ha!

  15. Kathysue says

    Cindy I-have the hardest time buying workout clothes. You’re motivating me to get moving and to get some cute elevated outfits. I’m convinced you look great in everything. My favorite was the white sweatshirt and gray turtleneck but to be honest you looked great in each outfit. Bravo Cindy👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Kathy Sue

      I do too. This post forced me to do my research. I tend to buy everything in gray or black. Trying to be more creative!

  16. Jennifer Connolly says

    I simply love the Zella workout clothes! They are so soft. I’ll have to try the CYA tops. Fabulous name and I always need to cover mine. You look so adorable in your workout clothes. Mine seems pretty tame compared to yours 🙂 This was both fun and motivational!! Great topic.

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Jennifer

      I wished you lived closer maybe we could motivate each other! This post forced me to order some new things to replace my rags!

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