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Christmas Home Tour with Decorations Inspired by Nature

I try not to use many faux decorations so I hate to decorate too early.  Natural Christmas decorations can be gathered from your backyard or foraged from your neighbors. Mix evergreens, with twigs, pinecones, and some fruit and nuts and you have beautiful fresh from nature decor. I am so happy to be joining the home tour for the fourth year. This year it features 27 bloggers and is organized each year by the girls at Eleven Magnolia Lane and Jenny of Evolution of Style.  Lynch Creek Farm is sponsoring the home tour again and have supplied each of the participating bloggers with a wreath, garland, or fabulous centerpiece of their choice. If you are visiting from Home by Heidi welcome. Let’s start at the front door. Welcome to my Christmas Home Tour Inspired by Nature.

christmas decor inspired by nature

I started out with a Home Depot wreath.  I fluffed it up (they are flat as a pancake when you get them), then I added eucalyptus and pomegranates from my yard, old pinecones (that I recycle year to year) and the same bells I used last year.

christmas decor rooted in nature

Since Beau is in a posing mood, come on in.

christmas home tour with natural decorations

I was in a rush to get the house decorated for this tour so some of the pictures were taken by candlelight!

christmas home tour with decorations inspired by nature

The beautiful garland is the same garland I used last year, the premium garland , from Lynch Creek Farms. This is not like the garland you pick up at HD or Costco it is full, fragrant, freshly constructed and delivered to your front door.

christmas home tour with decorations inspired by nature

This year I added foraged magnolia, sugar pine cones and wide brown satin ribbon for a simpler look.

christmas home tour with decorations inspired by nature

On the wicker traveling trunk are a group of Santas that I have collected over the years.  I added a white poinsettia from Home Depot and some foraged juniper from my neighbors yard.

In my dining room this year I kept it simple with foraged magnolia and brown and white striped ribbon.

On the table, I filled an old trencher purchased from Patine at Goat Hill Fair with magnolia, pine cones, and candles.

On the blanket chest are a reproduction Santo and more home depot white poinsettias. In the background is a vineyard painting by artist Pat Huber.  You can see more of her beautiful work at Pat Huber fine art.

The sconces are dressed up with some foraged magnolia and more brown and white striped ribbon.

christmas home tour with decorations inspired by nature

On the antique blanket chest is another purchase from Goat Hill Fair (we got into a lot of trouble this year), a vintage concrete deer garden ornament.

christmas tour inspired by nature

Above the deer is a simple magnolia wreath.

christmas home tour with decorations inspired by nature

The last stop on this weeks tour is our family room.

christmas tour with decorations inspired by nature

The mantle is actually decorated with faux greens, osage oranges (hedge apples), foraged black and white turkey feathers, and linen stockings crafted by Trish Banner of Cottage by Design. She made a new one this year for Summer.

christmas stockings black and white

I placed another home depot wreath on the coffee table, embellished it with feathers, pine cones, magnolia, and osage oranges. It surrounds a large glass hurricane purchased from Pottery Barn many years ago.

christmas home tour with decorations inspired by nature

That completes the first part of my tour.  Come back next week and I will show you the tree, kitchen and converted game room. Don’t forget to stop and visit all of the other talented bloggers on the tour. You won’t want to miss my friend Sheila’s (maison de cinq) home. She really went all out this year.

christmas home tour inspired by nature

Reader Interactions


  1. LA CONTESSA says

    I have NEVER BEEN TO GOAT HILL FARM!!!!!!!!They follow ME on INSTA!!!
    I must GO one year maybe with YOU!
    BEAU is the perfect model!
    I assume they ALL COME HOME THE KIDS ETC?
    YOU certainly have been BUSY and it ALL LOOKS GRAND!

  2. Celia Becker says

    Cindy, this is simply stunning. How lucky you are to be able to forage for Magnolia leaves and branches! And oh to have pomegranates in your backyard. This year a bear consumed all of mine, leaving the skins and red juice all over my walkway! Merry Christmas to you my friend. Looks like it’s going to be merry!

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Julie yes it does until it is all dried up darn it!! That is why it has to come down New Years Day!

  3. Tana Lake says

    That dog though! Oh my, what a beautiful animal! So photogenic.
    I enjoyed this article a lot. I liked your twist on Christmas decorations, and how they don’t have to be red and green all the time. The vintage Santa’s were great, and the use of greenery throughout was nice. I really liked that mantle! How impressive!!
    I also liked your formal dining area. The table was beautiful and the centerpiece was great too!
    Wonderful job!

      • Tana lake says

        Yes! Cindy, it was a pleasure going through this blog. I have been interested in art and design for as long as I can remember, so this is a joy to me! I will continue to visit this page in the future. You seem like such a lighthearted and fun individual! Have a Merry Christmas!

  4. Donna says

    Hi Cindy and Beau 🐶, Your home looks so lovely and festive! The magnolia with the copper accents is so pretty, and I love the natural decor especially in your home.
    Thanks for the tour!

  5. Jane says

    Your home dressed up for the holidays is nothing short of beautiful, Cindy! That you use so many natural elements makes me smile…I’m that way, too. I absolutely don’t mind when others choose faux trees and garland, that certainly looks lovely, but I do prefer natural. As much as I love using real greenery, sometimes the natural stems that I would gather at the nurseries, now come with a price tag! I also learned one year by bringing in a handful of acorns to display at the lakehouse, they sometimes bing little critters and eggs along! Ugh…sorry, didn’t mean to go there! But again, I’m with you on bringing nature indoors, especially at Christmas!!

    So, knowing you were a Midwestern girl, do you know how much I covet magnolia??!!! I love how you have incorporated that. The chandelier really caught my attention—my first inclination is to drape garland or beads around mine. You took it on a different spin and I’m enlightened!

    Looking forward to more, my friend! 🙂


    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Jane! Ah but in the midwest you have so many beautiful greens…I have to steal my neighbor’s juniper! The lovely thing about magnolia is they keep well. I would love to see your house all decked out for the holidays. By the way if you dig back into the archives I have strung that chandelier with beads many a year. The older I get less is more aka I am lazy!!

  6. Jill Miglin says

    Cindy, your home is absolutely beautiful. I love the look of the fresh greens, but I tend to go more with the faux greens and add to them. Lovely inspiration.

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Thank you so much Linda! Every year I try to change it up a bit to make it a little bit interesting!

  7. Marty says

    Absolutely gorgeous. I love your pretty brown ribbon touches and those vintage santas are amazing. I think that vintage outdoor reindeer is a definite treasure for sure. Beautiful home.

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Thanks Marty! Enjoy that grandson. I thought your house was beautiful and I loved the ode to grandson touches! Aren’t grandchildren the best?

  8. Sandra Sallin - Apart From My says

    Love that brown and white ribbon. Goes so perfectly with your decor. It’s such a fresh take of Xmas decor. Dumb question. How do you attach those pie cones etc to the wreath from Home Depot? Wire? I always love your taste and style. You got it girl!

  9. Sheila says

    Cindy your home is lovely as always, but it really shines at Christmas. I love all the natural greens (which I used to only use, that is, until I was a blogger, haha!) I especially love your gorgeous wreath and of course, your cute vintage style Santas (I have some of the same ones!) Everything is just beautiful!

    So nice to be “touring” with you – happy holidays!


    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Thanks so much Sheila! I am hanging on to natural that is why I wait till the end. I do have a faux tree and I do not object to faux that doesn’t look faux. Your home was particularly beautiful this year. Great job.

  10. Christy @ 11 Magnolia Lane says

    That Beau is a great model, isn’t he? What an absolutely gorgeous home, Cindy! I always love that blue front door and you really did an amazing job with your greenery this year! We are lucky to have fresh magnolias in our yard and I just love decorating with them (I don’t necessarily love raking up after them the rest of the year, but oh well). Your home is always one of the highlights of the tour for me and I’m so glad you joined us again this year!

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Thank you so much Christy for having me! It always inspires me to get my decor done!

  11. Lisa says

    Cindy your home looks so beautiful and festive! I too am a huge fan of fresh greens and usually wait until this first weekend of December to put them up. Your simple, fresh vignettes and candlelight are truly sublime and I love how you styled your garland with the magnolia wreaths and that pretty ribbon! Hope you enjoy your Christmas home and sweetest new addition to your family this year! XOX

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Thanks Lisa. You are so sweet. Missed your home on the tour this year. Hope all is well with your family. Happy Holidays!

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