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How to Choose Chic Eyewear for a Youthful Look After 50

Happy Tuesday everyone. So many of you have asked about my eyewear that I am redoing my post of a couple years ago. I have definitely upped my eyewear game since I met my friend Kyla from Specs by Kyla. Are you on the hunt for some new eyeglasses? Are you having a hard time deciding how and what to look for? Choosing a pair of fashion-forward glasses can take years off your look and make you feel more confident. The key is finding a pair that flatters your facial features. The same pair of glasses you’ve worn since college is probably not a good idea. If you love to stay on trend, why not turn your eyewear into a fashionable accessory that will enhance your look. Let’s talk about How to Choose Chic Eyewear for a Youthful Look After 50 with tips from me and my friend Kyla.


Choosing frames that suit your facial features is important. You don’t want the glasses to overpower your face or features. You want to select the frames that are most flattering for your face shape and your own personal style. Here is a handy guide with the basics on which glass shapes work for what face shape. This video on How to find your face shape on You Tube here is very helpful as well.

How to Choose Eyewear Over 50 that Will Make you Look as Young as you Feel-pick glasses for your face shape

How to Choose Chic Eyewear for a Youthful Look After 50

In my research, I found a lot of contradictions on what you should and should not wear. The idea is to keep your look modern and fresh. No glasses on chains or “coke bottle glasses” that scream grandma if you are looking for a youthful look. Think of your eyewear as an accessory. If you can afford a few pairs go for it. Here are some tips from my friend Kyla from Specs by Kyla:


A few fit rules, with plastic frames which have no nosepads, we want to make sure the frame rests evenly and solidly on the sides of your nose and bridge with no gaps or play/movement. The more centered your eye is in the lens, the better, especially if you have a higher prescription. We want the temples (side pieces) to line up flush with the side of your face, not splaying out as they go back. The curve of the temples should line up well with the curve of your ear, this will help prevent slipping and this can also be adjusted by an optician. With metal frames, you will typically have nosepads on your bridge which can also be fit and adjusted. Metal frames can be better for those who have a narrow or flatter bridge. 

Regarding shape, there are all sorts of guidelines you can find online, if you have a round face, wear this, oval, this…. BUT, I like to throw these rules out the window and just have fun, while making sure the frame fits. Typically though, if you have a rounder face, angles are good for balance. Angular thin faces typically look great in rounder styles. And cat-eyes – so good on most all of us! Cat-eye shapes can give us a nice lift and draw the face and eye up. 

Cindy gets so many questions on her glasses so we wanted to take some time to talk about specs! Eyewear is so personal and our faces are all so different, a personal eyewear styling is always best – so if you are local to the Central Coast, I’d be honored to help you. If not, here are a few tips. When Cindy came into my shop last year, I immediately was taken with her sleek hair and flowing white linen. We found a few pairs for her, a rounder pair in transparent crystal, “with the perfect amount of shine to catch the light, by @lowercasenyc”.


I like the clear frame. They go with everything and have a youthful appearance. I left these somewhere on my trip back east, so I am brokenhearted. I am heading to Kyla’s shop tomorrow.

cindy hattersley in lowercase crystal glasses frames


We also chose a pair of chunky yet classic sunglasses from @ahlem with polarized lenses.


I love the shape and color of these prescription sunglasses. They have just the right amount of sophistication and seem to go with everything and anything in my wardrobe.

Cindy Hattersley in Ahlem Sunglasses


For her sportier outfits, we did a lightweight frame from @albaoptics in a dramatic cream and rich brown tortoise for outdoor activities. ‘A frame so light you forget you have them on.’


These are the frames that I probably get the most compliments on. I love a tortoiseshell frame but some are too dark for me. I believe these tortoiseshell glasses compliment my complexion. Those of you that are regulars here know I wear a lot of horn and tortoise jewelry. These acetate glasses frames are so lightweight and comfortable. The nosepad keeps them firmly in place which I like.

Cindy Hattersley in Albaoptics Sunglasses


Last in her eyewear wardrobe, the most recent addition, is a frame made out of birch from @ninamur, made in Spain, the wood laminate has a scratched silver front which, once again, compliments her beautiful hair and offsets her signature red lipstick. 


Kyla had to convince me on this pair of designer eyeglass frames. They were a little outside of my comfort zone. I have to say these stylish eyeglasses have really grown on me. I wanted square frames that complimented my silver hair. I think the steel frames (over wood) add a chic look with a touch of glamour (as I said a bit outside of the box for me). The slight upward turn to them detracts from my wrinkles and adds a bit of fun. This is the closest thing to a cat-eye frame I will ever get. I know they are flattering and create a more youthful appearance but at my age they remind me of “Laverne and Shirley”.

cindy hattersley nina muir eyeglasses


Think of frames as makeup, they can accentuate, lift, highlight and enhance! Rimless styles or frames that don’t have any structure can tend to wash us out or even make us look older. Instead, a contrast or statement can give us that pop we all want, even when we are tired or casual. 

Typically, what I will do is pull a variety of styles and we will sit down together to try them on. I will be honest about what fits and what I feel is flattering. I will also be direct if something does not look good or fit well. I think we all need that objective opinion as it’s so hard to see ourselves in something different or out of our comfort zone. 

I chose to support independent eyewear brands, most made in the US or Europe. Sometimes with the well-known brands, you are paying for the brand name but not necessarily quality. Smaller companies typically equal frames that will be more unique and individual – as well as be more comfortable long term. 

I want you to feel good in your eyewear, there is nothing better than getting compliments on your glasses everywhere you go! Don’t think of them as an annoying medical device, but as a way to let your eyes shine, accentuate your best features and give you a fun pop in your wardrobe!


I so miss our friend Brenda Kinsel’s blog. I learned so much from her. When I began researching this post I knew I would find some valuable information on Brenda’s blog.

I actually had plans to go eyeglass shopping with Brenda before she passed. She has a great post Over 50 Frame your Face with Colorful Eyewear here. If you want to get lost in a wonderful rabbit hole start reading her posts. She truly was the best. Brenda always paired a red lip with her stylish frames. I interviewed Brenda a few years back for Ageless Style. You might enjoy reading Ageless Style Image Consultant Brenda Kinsel here.

image consultant brenda kinsel

I found this article Live About Choosing Eyeglass Frames for Women Over 50, and this one Emoha Glasses that Make you Look Younger on point. Here are the tips I found most helpful.

Shopping Tips on How to Choose Chic Eyewear for a Youthful Look After 50


Where to Shop Online for Prescription Lenses

I must say I would buy from a reputable independent shop (like Kyla’s) if you can afford it. I have purchased glasses online a few successes but mostly fails. If my glasses need tightening, cleaned or adjusted in any way. I take them to Kyla and she takes care of them.

If you need to shop online, I like Ray Ban for the size and more traditional options. They do not carry many fun colors, but I don’t think that is their jam.

New to me Look Optic has some really wonderful options including readers.

Lenscrafters offers a senior citizen discount if you are a member of AARP. I am not advocating AARP but I am a member and find a lot of valuable information on their site. They have a lot of valuable information on the site and lots of opportunities for discounts. Lenscrafters also runs different discount opportunities you can find here.

I have purchased glasses from Warby Parker online and have had great luck with them. They will send you four or five pairs and let you try them which is a great option.

Diff Eyewear has some really fun options but if you need progressives they don’t have that option.

Quay Australia has some really fashion forward options in great color choices but I found that most of the styles are too wide for my face. They have an excellent virtual try on option that is far better than most sites that offer the same program.

Glasses USA has a ton of styles from various vendors and they have a buy one get one free now on prescription frames. I have ordered from them with not much success, maybe it was my choice of frames.

Where to Shop Online for Sassy Readers

I still wear readers when I am on the computer. I usually buy mine locally but I like to keep a nice pair in my purse. I love Izipizi. You can find them at Kyla’s shop if you are local. I recently (finally) got my husband to upgrade his thanks to Kyla.My favorite, Peepers carries readers and progressives and I love their options. I love these oversize frames so much I am tempted to send them to Lensable and have prescription lenses put in them. Here I am wearing Center Stage in Gray Tortoise.

cindy hattersley wearing peepers center stage

I don’t even care for pink, but I love these Stardust frames in pink horn from Peepers.

cindy hattersley in stardust peepers

Another Peepers favorite is Curtain Call in Gray Horn. I like the frame size and shape. I would love to find a similar pair in prescription lenses. If you don’t need prescription glasses, I highly recommend Peepers for their stylish options and durability.

ICU Eyewear on Amazon has a lot of options as well.

I want to thank Kyla from Specs by Kyla for all of her helpful tips. If you are local, I cannot recommend Kyla more highly. I wouldn’t consider shopping anywhere else. I value her opinion, she is a great business person (ask the chamber she was businesswoman of the year), and she carries a great product line. I don’t think you could find anyone with a better eye.


I am sorry this post got a little lengthy. I hope you found How to Choose Chic Eyewear for a Youthful Look After 50 helpful.

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  1. Liana says

    I love all your eyewear, in fact I always notice how you coordinate your glasses with outfits. So chic, I lost my favorite frames a couple years ago and since then could never find a pair that suited my outrageously large face. Most times I end up ordering mens frames. My son uses Warby Parker for his prescriptions, but I find them a little overpriced compared to Target’s or Kaiser’s .

  2. Katherine says

    Hi Cindy,
    You look GREAT in glasses. Kyla sounds like a true professional. It’s so reassuring to have an expert advise and present the best options for frames. It’s a huge decision and a big investment.
    So sorry to to hear about the clear frames that were lost on your trip back east. What a disappointment that was.
    Thank you for passing on all the knowledge you have gained.

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Katherine

      I never realized what an important resource someone who really knows eyeglass frames can be! Kyla is the best!

  3. Nan says

    I enjoy your posts so much. The tortoise shell glasses are my favorites, too. I have a pair which I no longer wear since cataract surgery. Eventually, I might have lens put in to use for readers when I need those.

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Nan

      Yeah for cataract surgery!! I am having my eyes tested soon. I feel like I need a new perscription!

  4. Heidi says

    Hi Cindy,
    You have the best eye glass wardrobe! I wish this post would have come a little earlier because a few days ago I ordered new frames for my new prescription glasses, I’m hoping that I will still like them when I pick them up! I think I followed the suggestions, and went with a darker tortoise-like frame that I think looks pretty cool. I’d like to have a few pairs, but I really only wear my glasses in the morning and at night when I’m in bed watching TV. I wear contact lenses the rest of the time and have gotten so used to having something in my eyes that when I’m glasses my eyes feel funny! Anyway, my daughter and her boyfriend have had great luck with Warby Parker and that might be the way I add a second pair to my stash.
    Hope it’s not too hot down there, although I’m guessing it’s roasting!
    Xo Heidi

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Heidi

      Warby Parker is the only online source that I have no complaints about. Do they still have the shop in Santana Row?

  5. Rose says

    It seems Brenda’s blog has been taken down.which is a shame. She had such timeless advice. I miss her posts terribly.

  6. Wren says

    I need to try Kyla the next time I need new glasses! I can’t justify now because I like my current frames so much that I had new (unscratched) lenses put in them at my optician’s recently.
    I found that there are brick and mortar stores for Warby Parker in bigger cities. I bought a pair for reading and they kept until I could get my Rx to them, then they mailed out. I also bought sunglasses and the prices are super reasonable, even for prescription ones.
    I’ve found that many people who work in optical, even Sunglasses Hut, can develop a good sense of what looks good on an individual.
    I especially love your tortoise in the shades that work with your hair. That will be what I choose next time I buy new.

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Wren

      Warby Parker does a good job. I had a pair that lasted a long time. I couldn’t find any that I liked the last time I was in their store in Santana Row.

  7. Ginger says

    Great eyeglass inspiration here! Love the chunkier modern frames but my face is too small for them! I’m always on the hunt for smaller fun readers and believe me the struggle is real! I’ll check out some of your sources, thanks! So nice remembering Brenda, what a talent and class act. Really miss her.

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Ginger

      Check out Peepers I think they have a great selection of Readers and many are on sale.

  8. Susan says

    Please tell us about the beige quilted jacket you are wearing in the first photo. So lovely on you.

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Susan

      I featured that jacket (it was from H&M) last year. It was reasonable and it is one of my favorites. Maybe they will bring it back this year.

  9. Gray says

    Great looks Cindy! I love IZIPIZI and peepers for my readers and have some of the same ones you show.
    I have been relying on KREWE for my readers, in which I have to get prescription lenses put after purchase. But they last forever and they will replace a pair if they are damaged!

  10. Bette says

    One of my (many) neuroses is I don’t like my glasses to touch my cheeks — thus, glasses with nose pads. This eliminates a lot of the cool, plastic frames, but led me to a fuchsia and pewter metal frame that is fabulous. Glasses are such a wonderful accessory, I rarely miss my contacts any more.

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Bette

      I love glasses too! I have never worn contacts. I would probably lose them!

  11. Jocasta says

    I was only thinking of the late Brenda yesterday and of how her posts were so appreciative of the smallest things, like taking time to enjoy the perfume you use today or the feel of the soft linen shirt on your back. Simple pleasures.

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Jocasta

      I often go back and reread Brenda when I am researching a topic. She was so knowledgeable and a master stylist.

  12. Karen R Watson says

    Love your posts, your style, and your perspective! Check out IZIPIZI (pronounced like “easy peezey” I think) – they have sunglasses and readers and sunglass readers. I wear a blue tortoiseshell ( I think it’s size C – although there is also a size E and I can’t tell which is which!) that I think would look great on you! I bought sunglasses from that brand first at the MOMA in NYC – thought I was so stylish! Ha! As if… but I do love their frames!

  13. Heidi says

    Hi Cindy,
    What an interesting post. There are so many options! I wear contact lenses in mono vision, and keep sunglasses with me any time I’m outdoors. Because of the contacts I don’t need readers anymore, but could use a better pair of blue light blockers for computer work. I got my progressive glasses (for anytime I remove the contacts) at Costco. The price was right and I love the tortoise shell type frame. My daughter and husband have had great luck with Warby Parker.
    If you look closely at those glasses in that image with your name, their name and item number are pretty visible on the temples, you might be able to do a search for them.
    Xo Heidi

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Heidi

      I need to give Costco another shot. I tried a couple of times and couldn’t find any frames I liked. I did link those Warby Parker frames. They are still available. They are so similar to the Di Caprio ones I recently bough that I would rather have another pair possibly clear or something similar. Thanks for the Costco tip!

  14. Sarah Klann says

    What a joy to be able to hear Brenda’s voice again! I took her online class at the beginning of the pandemic and count it as one of the highlights of my life. She told us that she wanted us to hear her voice in our heads when shopping/styling and I do! She was a kind loving bright light .

  15. Dora Renata Pala says

    Buongiorno Cindy articolo molto interessante.Io fedele ai Mitici Ray Ban , però dopo avere letto i tuoi consigli,forse è tempo per un cambiamento.Buona giornata 😎

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Dora

      I like Ray Ban’s as well. I am ordering a pair of their sunglasses. They are classics and never go out of style.

  16. Sarah London says

    Thanks for sharing all that wonderful knowledge with us all. Great post! Love the clear acetate look on you 😍

  17. Juliet says

    Oh, I miss Brenda … she was so great. And her blog is a wreath of information. Love this topic and I’m saving all three of your posts … because I’m always losing or sitting on or otherwise destroying my favorite pairs. Face shape is an interesting thing … I always thought of my face as large and round but others say no. And when I wear big frames I get swallowed up. Love all the options you presented … time to head down the glasses rabbit hole! xo

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Juliet

      I have a problem with losing and destroying my readers. Go to the Quay website even if you aren’t interested in their glasses. They will tell you what shape your face is and the try on is much more accurate then other websites.

  18. Gray says

    Great Post! I am terrible at this! I do like Krewe out of NOLA and they have prescription quality frames for not much more than the optometrist. I have been getting mine there and then have the progressive lenses put in them at the eye doc. I typically love Kate Spade frames, but they do not hold up well. I wear my prescription glasses until they fall apart or the Rx is so old, I can’t see. They are so expensive, I have one pair of each, and that’s it.
    I also love IZIPIZI readers and usually buy their A frame.

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Gray

      It is ridiculous how expensive eyewear is. That’s why I think Warby Parker is a good option. I will check out Krewe. There are so many new manufacturers out there!!

  19. Marcia Rayne says

    Now I need new specs! I used to have a pair of black Tiffany frames. They had the Tiffany blue on the inside, I think they are acetate. Anyway, I had my hair highlighted and wore my glasses to read while under the dryer and the frames turned brown from the hair coloring. I was lucky to be able to order new arms . $55 down the drain. But this is the kicker. Three months later I did it again! Grr. Anyway, the black was too harsh with my blond hair. Plus the black color started flaking off. So I went to Costco next time and bought gold wire frame glasses for 1/3 of the price of the Tiffany’s. (No Granny jokes) I love them! And they are light and I feel like I am a hippie chick again! Costco even used my own frames and make new lenses for my sunglasses . Live and learn ! No more $900 glasses for me!

    • SARI SPONHOUR says

      At the hair dresser have them give you pieces of foil to wrap around the stems of your glasses so the hair dye won’t discolor your glasses. They have it on hand for foil treatments.

  20. Sarah says

    Brenda Kinsel was a breath of fresh air, and I loved her collection of eyeglasses. She was an inspiration (as you are).

    The 800 pound gorilla on this topic is the expense. (We can all thank the conglomerate Luxottica for that.) For those of us who need Rx progressive lenses (and who doesn’t over 60?) buying several pairs of glasses just for their style can be unrealistic, especially when you consider that prescriptions are typically valid for only a year. I’ll readily admit that I use Costco for my Rx eyewear and have been able to buy, during their sale, three pairs for less than what I paid for a single pair when I was still working and had vision insurance. If you buy frames elsewhere, Costco will still put the Rx lenses in for, I believe, an additional $25 per pair. Still a pretty great deal. I also like Warby Parker and have used them in the past, but only for single vision Rx sunglasses.

  21. kim says

    Cindy super post. You are hilarious. I loved Granny from that show. You are the farthest thing from it, but don’t we all feel like her with readers on? I love the glasses you wear. You are always chic. Some very good advice here and so good you shared dear Brenda. She was always on trend and so cool. Miss her. I love there Ray Bans and if you go to their own site, they now have a ton of colors, which may be new. I love the mocha ones.. I may need them!
    I know you’d have a fantastic post.

    Loved doing this with you two. xx Kim

  22. Susan says

    Brenda was always appointment reading for me and I was lucky enough to attend two of her online classes….Plus she’s the reason I have some blue eyeglasses!

  23. Sharon says

    My eyes are super sensitive to light so I have to have sunglasses with me at all times. I bought an Oliver Peoples aviator pr. about 3 yrs ago and LOVED them. They did not droop at the outside corners which most aviators do, and they were super lightweight to wear. Alas, I went to a private club last week for dinner and forgot them in the cocktail lounge. When I went back to retrieve them……gone! Never showed up in lost and found either, which is so disappointing bc someone is walking around in my OP’s!!! I purchased a new lightweight pair of Maui Jim’s and I think they will still replace scratched lens for little money and that is a good option for pricier sunglasses.

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Sharon

      I forgot about Oliver Peoples! Need to check those out as well. Steve always gets his sunglasses at Sunglass Hut for that reason. With work he often gets his scratched!

  24. LA CONTESSA says


  25. LA CONTESSA says


  26. Gretchen Montgomery says

    Where do you find the last pair of glasses that are on a green background with your name above?
    Thank you for your column!

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Gretchen

      That was just a graphic that I got off canva. They are probably artist created. Sorry! I thought the same thing they look great!!

  27. Mary says

    I really enjoyed Brenda Kinsel’s blogs. If you have any favorites I would enjoy your sharing them with your current observations.

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Mary

      I have been meaning to do that. Brenda was such a sweetie and she really knew her stuff.

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