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Rough Luxe Baby Shower for a Darling Italian Mom to Be

Those of you that have followed me for sometime know that we have faced many challenges in the past year and a half.  The death of a wonderful friend, some health issues, and the care and passing of Steve’s father and my mother.  My 93 (almost 94) year old father has been great until recently when his memory has begun to fail.  I never know when I am going to receive another confused call.  Thankfully I decided to have the shower at Farmers Union or I would have really been in a pickle. The day before the shower I was just beginning to prepare the food when I got one of those calls.  I spent eight hours in the ER the night before the shower.  All of the flowers and decor were done and packed.

In my infinite wisdom I ordered a fabulous appetizer from the wonderful restaurant Patria across the street.  Our friends and owners Paulo and Gloria brought it beautifully presented so all I had to do was park it on the table. Our good friends Don & Susan from Portobellos Catering came through with three wonderful salads at the last minute.  Thanks guys!

and…the mother of the bride, my friend Pat, brought these fabulous cupcakes from Room for Dessert

Thank heavens for good friends. Pat Demling came all the way from Colorado to celebrate Eser and was a huge help to me at the last minute along with my daughter Jenna who also spent the night in the Emergency Room with me and dad.

We used the two large banquettes that you have seen here on either side of the entrance, and added a few feminine details.

We used vintage napkins and tied them with pink and white polka dot ribbon and lavender.

The food was served from two of the bar tables pushed together and accented with pink and white toppers that I ordered on Etsy.

We ordered the “and then there were three” napkins from Etsy and combined them
with these adorable lamb napkins from PPD.

Image result for ppd lamb cocktail napkins

I fashioned a special crown of leftover flowers for the adorable mom to be Ester.  She obligingly wore it.


Ester and Stephen, the adorable parents to be.

 My daughter Jenna, Ester, me and my friend Pat.

And… guess what I waited so long to get this posted.

Welcome Baby Emma Faith Huber!  Isn’t she precious?

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  1. designchic says

    What a perfect grand finale – she's gorgeous! Good friends are the best at helping in time of need and yours certainly did – it was a beautiful party! Happy Wednesday ~

  2. Heather Orr Lindstrom says

    PS- We definitely understand the aging parent generation. Scott's dad is the same age. Lucky for us, he forgot about his undying love for his wife and recently found a girlfriend at his assisted living place. He is much happier lately. That said, it is so tough to see the memory fade and the confusion set in. By the way, they adjusted some of my father-in-laws meds and he had more clarity for about a year. Thinking of you and your hubby as you take care of all that is on your plate. Hugs today, sweet lady!
    xx, H

  3. Lisa @ Shine Your Light says

    Cindy this baby girl is just precious! What a special day you created for the parents to be despite all you had going on. What a year it's been for you and continues to be as you care for your dad. Your parents were and are so blessed to have you!!

  4. Nella says

    Cindy, so, so lovely! All of this…the story, the decor and your beautiful heart….evident by what is seen in this beautiful post. Life is tough, but so are you…xo N.

  5. Mary Beth at says

    The baby is gorgeous! I'm sure the mom to be thought "I will oblige and wear the crown" but mark my words that when she throws her shower for her baby Emma, she'll hand her a crown of flowers and tell her "you must wear it, it's a family tradition!" Lovely shower.

  6. Gail Storti says

    Oh Cindy, I'm so sorry about your dad. I can certainly relate with the heartache of our aging parents. My mother-in-law is 97 and she has had dementia for several years and it's just so hard to see someone that you truly love change so much.

    The shower you gave was gorgeous and I don't know how you managed getting everything together while dealing with your dad. What would we do without wonderful friends that come to the rescue.

    Sending prayers that things are better with your dad.

  7. Karen says

    Wow, Cindy. You really pulled of a most lovely shower. Congratulations to you and the new parents.
    I'm so sorry about your dad, I hope things have gotten easier.
    The Farmers Union proves that great design can adapt to any occasion, formal or casual. The set up looks beautiful.

  8. Debra Phillips says

    ohhhh cindy, what joy and what sadness……life, isn't it? how is your father?
    this shower in that gorgeous setting of yours is stunning! and no doubt you have a ton of friends that want to help. those flowers, OMG…….and that photo of the buffet table should be a painting.
    best of all is baby emma, look at those lips!
    sending hugs cindy

  9. Patti says

    How lovely! Every detail! And the baby – precious! I hope your father is better. It does seem like we go through seasons in our life when many hard things happen in a short amount of time. I hope you take some time to rest. Thank you for sharing this beautiful post.

  10. Leslie Sinclair says

    Baby Emma is beautiful and so was your shower!!! I know it is difficult when you begin caring for your parents. I am doing the same here. The warmest of thoughts to you both!

  11. Our French Oasis says

    It looks utterly fantastic, the flowers are so beautiful, but the photo of baby Emma tops it all, she is so adorable. Very best wishes to your Father, 93 is a fantastic age. Big hugs from France xx

  12. Mary@mydogsmygardenandmary says

    You really did an outstanding job on that shower. Everything looked perfect.
    The baby is beautiful.

    So sorry about all the things that have been happening in your life. Hope that you father is doing well.


  13. Leslie Harris says

    Oh Cindy. Bless your heart, what a trooper you are, I spent several hours in the ER a few months back and believe me, I know what a surreal experience it is. How is your Dad doing? I am sorry to hear about those reoccurring phone calls lately, that must be so tough. Although you seem to have really perfected the whole juggling-the-generations thing by the looks of this gorgeous, wonderfully planned shower. Love the flowers and toppers and the food looks exquisite… such loving attention to the details that says so much about your kind, generous spirit. Nothing like a new infant to spread joy everywhere. Congratulations to the new parents.
    and please get some rest!

  14. La Contessa says

    I will ANNOUNCE WHO I AM……………so don't look alarmed!

  15. Stephen Huber says

    Cindy, Ester and I are so thankful for you and your family and treasure your friendship. Thank you for all you have done for us. Baby Emma and momma Ester are doing great! We can't wait for you to meet our little bundle of joy.

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